Investment Management…

Bob strives to deliver the best possible investment experience by following this five-step process:


Bob takes the time to find out what is truly important to you and what you are hoping to accomplish over the next ten years and for the rest of your life. Once he knows that, he can work with you to determine your investment objectives, time horizon, and how comfortable you are with risk.


Bob works with you to customize an investment strategy that will involve a diversified portfolio of investment choices with different risk and return characteristics, including tax reduction strategies where appropriate. His goal is to offer you the best possible return, consistent with the amount of risk you are comfortable with.


After you have agreed on a path forward, he takes all of the steps necessary to implement the investment strategy, including opening your account(s), transferring your investments, and getting your money invested according to the strategy you have agreed on.


After your money is invested, he monitors it on a regular basis to make sure it is achieving the investment objectives you have agreed on, making prudent adjustments where appropriate.


Bob communicates with you regularly on the status of your investments, independent of the investment statement(s) you will be receiving from the custodian. He will use meetings, telephone calls, email messages, and/or letters to let you know what he is expecting from the financial markets and how your investments are doing. Of course, Bob wants to hear from you if there are any significant changes in your life, if you become uncomfortable with your investments, of if you are aware of anything he can do to improve his service to you.

Bob knows that the effective management of investment assets is critical to the achievement of financial goals. He is committed to providing his clients with the best investment management services available anywhere.